Caesarstone's RE-IMAGINE Color Pop-Up Tour at DesignPhiladelphia 2012 with ELLE DECOR

  • Sep, 16, 2012, 07:58 PM
Caesarstone Pop-Up Color Tour NYC
(Photo : Caesarstone) Caesarstone Pop-Up Color Tour NYC

The curiously alluring "You're So Vain" installation, by LA based design firmThoreen&Ritter and debuting at DesignPhiladelphia, is an exploration of form and function using Caesarstone slabs direct from the source, along with electroluminescent wire. Viewers will get a sneak peek of Caesarstone's newly added, yet-to-be released colors from the Classico collection, officially launching next year.

"We chose to utilize the newest colors from the Classico line as a homonym for the circulatory and fluid characteristics of river-ways," says Brant Ritter. "We thought of the Delaware River and its importance to the greater Philadelphia area. "

Historically, the Delaware River was the major artery for commerce and travel of the early Americans.  Used to transport goods prior to the introduction of the railways, the river was and still is an icon and is integral to the survival of Philadelphia as a city.

The Caesarstone RE-IMAGINE Color Pop-Up Tour with ELLE DECOR is the DesignPhiladelphia home for "You're So Vain". Keeping in line with that theme, Thoreen&Ritter have re-imagined the concept of beauty and have created an installation that is not only thoughtfully provocative and visually stunning, but forces the viewer to ponder the idea of perfection. Additionally, the installation will have Philadelphia natives re-imagining the relationship they have with their river, highlighting its importance and reintroducing the idea that the waterway can be seen as beautiful.

"We are thrilled to be in Philadelphia to debut the new 'You're So Vain' architectural installation, which re-imagines Caesarstone in a way which has never been done before," said Karen Schakarov, Vice President of Marketing at Caesarstone US. "Thoreen&Ritter have imaginatively transformed our newest Classico colors into a beautiful architectural piece. Their work will be a wonderful addition to our ongoing Color Pop-Up tour." 

Thoreen&Ritter is a multi-disciplinary design firm dedicated to creating products and environments unified by an aesthetic of contemporary timelessness.

Fluid and experienced enough to find creative design solutions in any material or venue, Brant Ritter and Brian Thoreen ofThoreen&Ritter instills each project with its unique design voice and the refinement needed to endure without aging.

Elegance fuses with playfulness.  Striking appearance melds with quality construction. In this way, Thoreen&Ritter creates works and environments that transform a space into an experience.

Past projects and clients of Thoreen&Ritter include famed artists James Turrell and Peter Wegner, Fountainbleu Resort Miami, City Center Las Vegas, Waterloo & City Restaurant Los Angeles and many high-profile private residences, which cannot be disclosed.

"You're So Vain" will be unveiled at this year's Caesarstone RE-IMAGINE Color Pop-Up Tour with ELLE DECOR during DesignPhiladelphia, Thursday, October 11 2012.

(SOURCE Caesarstone USA, Inc.)


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