See Amazing Dive Sites, Pacific Island Beauty With New Kosrae Island Video

  • Aug, 31, 2012, 07:35 PM
Kosrae Island
(Photo : Kosrae Island) Kosrae Island

A new travel video gives visitors an inside look at the beautiful and peaceful Pacific island of Kosrae. Located halfway between Hawaii and Guam, Kosrae is home to protected and pristine coral reefs and dive sites, ancient ruins, lush rainforests and a vibrant local culture. 

"Kosrae is an amazing place for a vacation or a lifetime, says Grant Ismael, director of the Kosrae Visitors Bureau. "This video is one way we can share our island's friendly people, ancient culture and natural beauty, from unspoiled beaches and magnificent coral reefs to the vivid green and towering hills of our tropical landscape."

Made possible by the Kosrae Chamber of Commerce and produced by noted underwater video production companyLiquidAssets.TV, the five-minute video takes a look at a variety of things to do on Kosrae, such as scuba diving, surfing, paddle boarding the mangrove channels, treks to island waterfalls and ancient forests, guided tours to the ancient Menke and Lelu ruins and WWII historic sites as well as working with the island's craftspeople and deep sea fishing.  Also shown are places to stay on Kosrae, including the Kosrae Nautilus Resort, Kosrae Village Eco Lodge and Resort and the Pacific Treelodge.

The video also provides an overview of Kosrae's commitment to the environment and sustainability, from plans to power the island with ocean waves to Kosrae's thriving organic agricultural industry, including the island's green tangerines, farm-raised giant clams and coral.

The Kosrae video can be found online at, or on the Kosrae Island YouTube channel.

(Source: Kosrae Island)



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