Wallet and Newsfeed's Maker Acrylic Joins Facebook Design Team

  • Jul, 23, 2012, 10:31 AM
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Facebook wants its employees to switch to Android devices to help the company fix flaws with Facebook’s Android App.

Wallet and Newsfeed's maker, the Vancouver based Acrylic will move to San Francisco and jointhe design team at Facebook, its founder Dustin MacDonald wrote in his blog on Friday.

"For the past four years, we've worked tirelessly on creating truly awesome products with afocus on innovation and great design, and I'm incredibly proud of the work we've been able toaccomplish during that time. Our flagship apps, Wallet and Pulp, have been used and loved byhundreds of thousands of people around the world. Building these products has been a fun andexciting ride, but the time has come to move on to newer and bigger challenges", MacDonaldwrote in his blog.

MacDonald explained this deal stemmed from his trip to Facebook late last year. He wrote,"Aftervisiting late last year, I discovered that we shared many of the same core product design goals andprinciples, and it soon became obvious that it was a natural fit. Simply put, there's an opportunityat Facebook to have a big impact in many people's lives. More importantly, Facebook is full ofextremely talented people who will be able to help realize its full potential in the years to come."

MacDonald will work in Facebook fulltime, but Acrlic's two best-known applications, Walletand Newsfeed were not included in the acquisition. They will "remain available for download andpurchase in their current form."

MacDonald's blog:

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