Nene 'I'm Rich' Leakes Talks Being The Last Original Housewife In 'POSE' Magazine

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  • Aug, 21, 2014, 05:42 PM
NeNe Leakes
(Photo : POSE magazine cover) Leakes of Bravo's 'RHOA' looks great on the cover of 'POSE' magazine.

...I'm rich b***

It is safe to say that Nene Leakes has capitalized greatly off reality television giving the boot to that old cliche of "15 minutes of fame."

When she first signed on the hit Bravo show RHOA in 2008, she probably wasn't expecting to be the longest running housewife of the show...you know, someone who literally fit the title. Phaedra counts right?

With appearances on Fox's 'Glee' and 'The New Normal' along with a clothing line to flatter women of a curvier build and a pending talk show, she's giving us a little Gangsta Boo's tagline, 'Where them dollars at?' by keeping the checks coming.

In Pose Magazine, she opens up about Cynthia Bailey and their status, being on RHOA, a clothing line with HSN and more. Check out some highlights via NecoleBitchie.

The definition of being 'real':

I do think that being real comes off as being harsh. I always have to think before I say things because I'm a straight shooter. I don't think I'm being mean. I think it's the delivery that makes it mean. Sometimes I shoot and move on. I don't know any other way to do it, but I am learning that sometimes everything doesn't need to be said. But, if you ask me to be real, I'm going to be real and you may not like it. Be sure you want to ask me, because I'm just going to tell you. Some people have a really sweet tone. They say things and it comes off really sweet. I do know it's all in the delivery. There are people who say that they're real, but they mean real loud or real ghetto or real crazy. What I need to do is try to be a little phony now and then. [laughing] My husband is always on my case. 'You don't have to say that,' or 'You don't have to be that real about it.' Like, okay, maybe he's right. I'm going to do much better from now on. I am really working on it.

Her friends:

I love my girlfriends and love being with them, going out in our neighborhood for a drink, where we don't have to wear make up or going to lunch with them.

How producers want the cast to appear on reality television: 

Well, that's definitely what the producers want. They want viewers to believe we are all friends because we're on a show together. Now, Cynthia and I did form a real friendship over the years we were on the show together. I don't think the viewers know that I never knew her until she signed up to do the show. I never met her. I never knew anything about her. I never met Kandi Burress, Porsha, or Lisa Wu Hartwell until she stepped on the show and we signed these contracts. When you guys are getting to know us, we're getting to know each other. We are going out, having drinks, and getting to know each other. Sometimes you meet people and you like them. Then as you get to know them, you think, 'You know, I actually thought I liked her...but I don't.' We're shooting season seven right now so the viewers get to see how it plays out.

On doing the show for years:

I feel I have definitely grown since season one. I also think about the years that have passed. When we started, my youngest son was in the third grade. Now he's in the 10th grade. My oldest son was in the twelve grade and now he's 24 years old with a daughter.

Check out more pics of her spread here.

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