Chris Pratt's Family Wants Slice Of 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Star's Fortune, Source Says

Chris Pratt
(Photo : Getty Images - Valerie Macon) Chris Pratt at the premiere of 'Life After Beth' at the Ace Hotel on August 8, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Chris Pratt's family wants a slice of the rising superstar's fame and fortune.  

A source told Star Magazine that the 35-year-old actor, whose "Guardians of the Galaxy" is rocketing into the box office stratosphere, feels obligated to send money back home to his family, many members of which are in dire financial straits.

"Most of the family has had its share of financial problems," an insider told Star. "Chris doesn't come from a lot of money."

According to Radar, "Pratt's parents filed for bankruptcy, but his sister and brother have also filed for it, too. His mother, Kathy, currently works in the meat department of a grocery store, while his sister is a sales rep and his brother is an artist. Cully's, Pratt's brother, situation has reportedly become so dire that he revealed he is 'starving again.'"

Despite their difficulties, Pratt doesn't want his siblings and parents to get used to getting a check in the mail from him every month. Pratt fought his problems like an angry gorilla, and he now expects his family to find their inner beast.

"Chris knows what it's like to struggle with money, but he feels like he worked his butt off and cleaned up his life by himself - and that they should be able to do the same," the insider said.

Rich man's guilt refuses to let Pratt completely forget his DNA, however.

"Now that Chris is rich, he feels a lot of pressure to bail his family members out of their money woes. He hates to see them struggle, but he doesn't like the expectation that he'll provide for them financially," the friend said. "The whole situation is a strain on Chris."

Indeed, being filthy rich is a somewhat new development for Pratt. Prior to the warm reception of "Guardians," Pratt was unsure if anyone in Hollywood would pay him anything ever again.

"I had been having nightmares that it was terrible," Pratt recently told the Huffington Post. "The truth is you just can't tell if it's going to be good. There are just so many steps that follow wrapping principle photography. All the music, all the animation -- especially in a movie like this, when there are two characters who aren't even there -- all of the worlds, the way they look and the way the movie flows together.

"I was just so relieved when I saw it. I loved it," Pratt continued. "I could tell it was very, very special... I am very proud of the performance and the way that it all came together."




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