'The Sisterhood Of Hip Hop' Stars Brianna Perry And Diamond Discuss Their New Show, Keyshia Cole's Husband With 'The Breakfast Club'

Brianna Perry, Diamond
(Photo : Screenshot 'The Breakfast Club') Oxygen's new show 'The Sisterhood of Hip Hop' stars Diamond and Brianna Perry chat it up with 'The Breakfast Club' on Power 105.1.

...now this is refreshing.

Oxygen's new show "The Sisterhood of Hip Hop" follows female rappers Nyemiah, Bia, Brianna Perry, Siya, Supreme and Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob. 

The really good thing about this show is that its focus is on women who are working to succeed in the music industry as opposed to drink throwing and weave pulling.

As the girls all help to promote the show, rapper Brianna Perry, a recent college graduate from the University of Miami, and Diamond stopped by "The Breakfast Club."

During the interview, Diamond addresses Keyshia Cole's claims about her sleeping with husband Daniel Gibson. We also learn that Perry was an actual business major in college, a rarity in the world of music where many stars forfeit an education in exchange for direct access to their dreams. 

Check out some highlights from the interview below via Enstarz:

"The Sisterhood of Hip Hop" is not like other reality TV, it shows the ladies at work.

"It's more like a docuseries. It's real TV... it's following our journey. It's based on the music, we are real artists," said Perry.

The sound problems at Perry's performance did not ruin her performance in the previews.

"I'm an entertainer. The sound was messed up but I still got up there, I still did my thing and you know, it is a show."

And she's much more than just a rapper.

"I'm excited for new people to get exposed to me and my journey... I just graduated from the University of Miami, I'm excited for people to see me as a young woman and as an artist... Everything is authentic, it's genuine. I'm not putting an act or anything else," said Perry

Diamond did not sleep with Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson, as Keyshia Cole claimed in a recent interview.

"I was like, 'Oh word? I'm not even going to entertain that because it's not true and it's negativity. Right now, it's about 'SisterHood of Hip Hop' and anybody that knows me, knows that I am a good friend... He's a super cool dude."

BUT, she is dating an NBA player.

"I have somebody in a situation on the side that still kind of is affected when people kinda put stuff out there and make it seem like it's something. I don't really want to bring this person to the forefront, because as you see, every week it's something different... Yea, he plays basketball." -- Diamond

Diamond is excited about Remy Ma's return.

"She's super cool. I actually wrote her while she was in prison and we... never really had a one on one until I wrote her in person. She's super cool and I am excited for her... Like she said, 'Girl Power All Day!" - Diamond

For more of the interview click here and for the full video, check it out below:



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