Anne Hathaway Refuses To Eat Cake On NYC Movie Set

Anne Hathaway
(Photo : Getty Images - Jason Merritt ) Anne Hathaway at screening of 'Rio 2' at Nickelodeon Animation Studio on April 26, 2014 in Burbank, California.

Anne Hathaway's refusal to "take a bite chocolate cake" temporarily halted filming on the set of Nancy Meyers' "The Intern," sources said.

According to Page Six, a scene required the Vegan actress to eat a tidbit of non-Vegan cake, which she refused.

A "prop department production assistant" was then forced to dash to a nearby vegan bakery and "put in two orders for three-layer chocolate ganache cakes," an insider said. 

It appears that Hathaway, who in March was reported to be scaling back her opulent lifestyle in order to appease "Hathahaters," is still as diva-ish as ever.

"Anne has been giving away a lot of her possessions-such as clothes-mostly to her housekeepers, because she wants to live a less materialistic, decadent lifestyle," a source told Radar in March. "She definitely admits she's been living too high on the hog given these economically tough times for the rest of the country."

Unfortunately, Hathaway's modesty-quest had nothing to do with personal/spiritual growth. Rather, she simply "learned how popular humility can be for an A-lister," the source said.

"The big question hanging over everything right now is, will she sell her Los Angeles mansion and downgrade her digs? Giving away some old clothes is not exactly downgrading her lifestyle!"

According to Radar, the "Hathahate" boiled over after the 31-year-old actress "won Oscar for Les Miserables and exclaimed, 'It came true!' in her cutesy acceptance speech to indicate her dream of winning for the role (in which she performed the song, 'I Dreamed A Dream')... Since then, Hathaway, who is married to jewelry designer Adam Shulman, 32, has been a popular target for comedians and bloggers."

At the time, Hathaway agreed, saying, "My impression is that people needed a break from me."

"The Intern," co-starring Robert De Niro, is currently being filmed in Brooklyn and will be released on September 25, 2015.



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