2012 BOFFO Show House Showcases Designers on the Lower East Side

Play Living Room
(Photo : BOFFO) It's easy to have fun in the "Play" living room.

Non-profit New York arts organization BOFFO is showcasing thematically diverse experimental interior design installations on the Lower East Side.

The 2012 BOFFO Show House opened on May 15th and will be open until June 4th at a new LES condo conversion, the Madison Jackson

BOFFO, which has a number of upcoming events, recruited more than 100 artists and designers for this BOFFO-described "cutting-edge experiment in living."

Andrew Yes was their "honorary designer" and transformed four bi-level two bedroom apartments into this exhibit. Each apartment is envisioned as one theme: Nature, Future, Work and Play.

The building, which was originally a school and has a storied past, is now home to the first showcase by BOFFO, a quirky combination of unconventional art and design in a residential setting.

BOFFO and Yes worked with contemporary artists, designers, architects, product manufacturers and galleries to create these installations of designed objects and art that include unique furniture and antiques.

Michael Bolla, who developed the Madison Jackson along with Chinatown banker Thomas Sung, spoke with LES website The Lo-Down about the project. Bolla said that the idea for the showcase was inspired from his collaboration with BOFFO's co-founders, Faris Al-Shathir and Gregory Sparks. He's currently working on a similar project with them on Long Island.

BOFFO's website includes a gallery of images from each apartment, and The Huffington Post offered a rundown of each one and its corresponding theme as well.

BOFFO explained the reasoning behind each motif:

The goal of these themes is to allow BOFFO to investigate the boundaries of contemporary life and the compartmentalization of urban living while questioning standards of interior design. These themes are representative of what is western, holistic, living, and what aspects of life are important to healthy and happy lives.

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