Cray's 'Trinity' Supercomputer to Run United States Nuclear Weapons Arsenal

  • Doug Horn , Design & Trend Staff Writer
  • Jul, 12, 2014, 10:15 AM

The United States government has hired Cray, a company that builds special supercomputers, to build one that will have the important job of managing the nation's nuclear arsenal.

According to Digital Trends, "The $174 million government contract, which amounts to one of the largest that the company has ever been awarded, will be used to build a Cray XC super computer, along with a Cray Sonexion storage system for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). The NNSA named the entire system 'Trinity.' Trinity will be used to keep America's nuclear arsenal safe, secure, and effective."

Trinity will be a collaborative effort between factions of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Sandia National Laboratory as part of the NNSA's Advanced Simulation and Computing Program, according to French Tribune.

Bruce Hendrickson, Senior Manager of the Extreme-scale Computing group at Sandia Laboratories, said, "We look forward to working with Cray to create a significant increase in supercomputing capability for key NNSA national security applications. Trinity will target the largest and most demanding simulations for NNSA."

Trinity will be composed of a next-generation version of the company's Cray XC system, which will be powered by the future Intel Xeon Haswell-based processors, along with future Intel Xeon Phi CPUs. Trinity will amazingly be capable of multi-petaflop level performance, 82 petabytes of storage capacity and 1.7 terabytes per second of sustained performance. Trinity will also be based at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

It's unclear whether Trinity will be tasked with running the nation's nuclear arsenal in the event of a nuclear war combat situation. It is also hazy as to when the NNSA expects Cray's Trinity to be up and running.

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