New Species Of Wolf Snake Discovered In Cambodia

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  • Jun, 10, 2014, 12:55 PM
Wolf Snake
(Photo : Fauna & Flora International/Neang Thy) A new species of wolf snake has been discovered in Cambodia.

Researchers have discovered a new species of wolf snake in the mountains of Cambodia, writes Nature World News.

The species has been named Lycodon zoosvictoriae to honor Zoos Victoria, a conservation organization that has provided valuable support to Fauna and Flora International (FFI) studies in Cambodia's diverse Cardamom Mountains, were L. zoosvictoriae was found.

Despite repeated surveys in the area the snake remained hidden, and researchers speculate that the snakes unique coloration probably helped it to remain a mystery.

New species are constantly being discovered in the area - with the new wolf snake species among eight new snake species found in the Cambodian mountains since 2000, writes Nature World News.   

Wolf snakes are non-venomous and belong to the family Colubridae.

The snake species have large teeth in both jaws, influencing their name - wolf snakes.

There are two genera that Asian wolf snakes belong to: Cercaspis and Lycodon.

About 26 species of these snakes in Southeast Asia belong to the genus Lycodon, writes Nature World News.

These snakes generally hunt small lizards, geckos and frogs.

Herpetologist Neang Thy, a research advisor with Fauna & Flora International, who discovered and labeled the new species of snake, said in a statement that it is probably endemic to the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia, writes Nature World News.

"The support FFI received from Zoos Victoria has helped build the capacity of Cambodian researchers and conservationists and has greatly improved understanding of Cambodia's reptiles and amphibians," Thy said in a news release.

"We are delighted to have a species named after us, and humbled to have our support for FFI's Cambodian program acknowledged in this way," Chris Banks, Conservation Partnerships Manager, Zoos Victoria, said in a statement.

Southeast Asian forests are one of the major unexplored regions in the world, writes Nature World News.

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature recently released a report stating that over 300 new species had been found in the Mekong Region in 2012-2013.

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