New iPhone 6 to Feature Wireless Charging, Solar Powered Screen, NFC, Bigger Display and More

iPhone 6.
(Photo : Getty Images) The iPhone 6 with sapphire glass will either release in limited numbers or not feature the glass at all, analysts suggest.

As days pass by, speculations about the highly anticipated iPhone 6 just get more and more interesting. Consumers are dying of curiosity about what Apple really has in store for their latest mobile unit.

And while we wait for its actual launch this fall, it doesn't hurt to know what new features the controversial phone is said to promise.

The new iPhone 6 will will feature wireless charging, better 4G antenna, near field communication (NFC) & a much bigger screen, VentureBeat reported, citing a source.

It is said that the new iPhone is nearly completed and is already being tested for speed, network performance and durability.

Earlier this week, the Cupertino company launched its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and made one of its biggest announcement - that the phone will run the iOS 8 operating system, International Business Times has learned.

The new iOS 8 may finally solve the problem for those who are tired of constantly plugging their devices for charging, as it is said to include battery monitoring features for individual apps. Energy consuming apps will be displayed to cultivate awareness among users on how to conserve power.

In line with energy, it was earlier reported that a cache of Apple patents indicated that the company is possibly looking to solar energy to power its upcoming smartphone.

A new speculation has recently emerged from Patently Apple that suggested the inclusion of "solar cell ambient light sensors" into the gadget.

In addition, Apple will incorporate an NFC radio in the latest line and will set up mobile payments similar to how Android phones use Google Wallet.

It is speculated that the company will implement its own mobile payments standard - not with ISIS wireless payments standard, which is supported by a conglomerate of credit card companies and banks - making it a competitor of both Google Wallet and ISIS.

Also included in the new features is the faster Category 6 LTE radio with 300 megabits per second (mbps) throughput speeds capability. The current iPhone 5 has a Category 4 LTE radio with connection speeds of up to 150 mbps.

Another interesting detail is the wireless charging capacity of the device. The iPhone 6 is allegedly designed with a layer under the shell that simply connects to a charging surface (probably a free standing pad, but are more likely built into preexisting equipments like dashboard trays) for inductive energy transfer.

To address the consumers' preference for a larger screen ( and to compete with the in-demand large-screened Android phones) when watching videos on mobile phones, Apple may have finally developed its own version through iPhone 6 as it was reported that the bezel will be thinner than the previous designs and will include a considerably larger screen which will take up more area on the front part of the unit. Aside from the improved size, the screen is scratch-resistant.

And while all the mentioned features are reportedly part of the latest iPhone design, Apple can still omit certain aspects at the last minute before its launch, when deemed unsuitable.

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