2014 DoubleClick LIVE STREAM By Google: The Future Of Digital Advertisement

The digital age is now
(Photo : Getty Images/Sean Gallup) DoubleClick allows companies to focus on what really matters--the customer.

Google leaders teamed up with DreamWorks' Jeffrey Katzenberg to deliver a conference on the impact and future of digital advertising. DoubleClick by Google for advertisers and publishers offers digital marketing technology and services to allow companies to focus on brand-building.

Neal Mohan opened the conference discussing the current trends in digital advertisement and "how the internet has changed as a platform for brand building."

"The end of going online is drawing near," Mohan stated. Devices are synched, always on, and always connecting us to the web.

Mohan also claimed that "video has become a personal medium," which is why companies are investing in digital marketing and targeting audiences on sites such as YouTube.

How will this affect businesses, specifically start-ups? Mohan commented that the "elimination of the logistics" will allow businesses to focus on their audience and their interests.

By using Google partner select -"a new premium and programmatic" channel that connects brand marketers, companies will have the power to of scalable brand-building to buy and measure digital campaigns.

DoubleClick by Google plans to alleviate the stresses of marketing campaigns by providing solutions.

DoubleClick by Google plans to alleviate the stresses of marketing campaigns by providing solutions.

Nikesh Arora joined the event and focused primarily on data collection. Arora claimed, when it comes to data collection we shouldn't "think about ourselves." Data collection entails observation and the addressing of needs based on trends.

While many of us churn at the idea of data collection, Arora explained - using an example of the convenience of smartphones - that without it out, there is no consumer gratification and innovation.

While this is true, concerns regarding Google's handling of customers' data still lingers, and it will take time and convincing that Google has their customers' best interest and security at hand.

The DoubleClick event ended with a "fireside chat" with Neal Mohan and Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder of DreamWorks. The discussion focused on YouTube's channel, YouTube Nation and how channels alike target their prospective audience.

"Curation and editorial" is very important at YouTube Nation. Katzenberg stated the channel's focus is not just on the trending, but on things that people want to see. With a launch of only four months old, YouTube Nation has a current subscription of 1.6 million viewers and growing.

Traditional television is not "irrelevant and won't disappear," Katzenberg added. There is just a generational shift and, based on data collection and trends, customers enjoy marketing and entertainment catered specifically to their needs.

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