Google Android TV Release Date During Google I/O Conference 2014? Rumors And Details Emerge Quietly

Google's tap into home entertainment
(Photo : Google ) Google is preparing to unveil a new television set-top box on Wednesday. It will challenge the likes of Amazon and Apple in the race to control digital content in the home.

With Apple's WWDC 2014 ending this coming Friday, techies will be on the move to the next big conference: Google I/O 2014. Along with Google's announcements on the future of Google applications and devices, the real interest remains Google's decision to debut their Android TV.

The I/O conference is scheduled for June 25-26, and there already has been plenty speculation as to why Google is deciding to release Android TV. According to PC Magazine, the development of the Android TV is the third time in which Google has attempted to appeal to buyers as home entertainment.

Prior to the rumors of the Android TV, Google-although no concrete proof has been provided by the company-has witnessed successful sales with the release of the Chromecast. What about before that? Oh, the forgotten Google TV. Yes, Google's first attempt wasn't such a glamorous entrance, but this year, fans hope to gain more from Android TV.

So what's the difference between the three? Google TV comes built-in to select televisions, or customers can simply purchase a box for their already owned television. Google apps such as YouTube, the Google Play market and Google Chrome are features that come pre-installed.


The LG Smart TV (GA6400 & GA7900)
The LG Smart TV (GA6400 & GA7900)

Google's second device-the Chromecast-is much easier, and quite preferable to the Google TV or buddy box, as customers can easily access Google's steaming apps and programs by inserting the Chromecast stick. Finished watching Chromecast? Removing the device is super easy, allowing customers to return to viewing cable through their original provider.

Many speculators can wonder why the Chromecast was such a success compared to the Google TV. Customers have the freedom to swap back and forth between their cable provider and Google streaming. Many features from Google TV have been merged to the Chromecast with an added plus of navigation via your smartphone.

Many anticipate the debut of the Android TV as Google's first attempt at living room entertainment flopped, leaving Chromecast to save the day. So what are the rumors saying so far?

According to KnowYourMobile, the rumored Android TV contains similar capabilities to that of the Chromecast with added features and streaming abilities. More specifically, Android TV will be running on 4.4.3 with connectivity between Android devices and the introduction of the Google "Pano" interface.

Users may also notice the Android TV's gaming-centered appeal. Why this feature fits well for many anxious techies, Google has forgotten about the regular Joe interested in simple streaming. 

This doesn't sound too revolutionary, leaving many to believe that Google's I/O conference this June may turn out to be another souped-up version of Apple's WWDC 2014.

Check out PC Magazine's report on the rumored Google Android TV, HERE.

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