'In God We Trust' On American Money Doesn't Violate Constitution, Court Rules

Dirty Money
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God refuses to give up our money.

A United States federal court ruled on Wednesday that the phrase "In God We Trust," which is written on all American currency, doesn't violate the Constitution.

Raw Story reported that Rosalyn Newdow of the Freedom From Religion Foundation was responsible for the lawsuit, arguing that the phrase is a "symbolic violation" that subtly hinders the separation of church and state.

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"It's necessary to remind not just the courts but the public that 'In God We Trust' is a Johnny-come-lately motto adopted at the height of the Cold War," said Annie Laurie Gaylor, the co-President of FFRF. "It was only officially required on all currency in 1955.

"It creates the dangerous misperception that our republic is based on a god, when in fact it is based on an entirely godless and secular Constitution. These symbolic violations from the 1950s have damaged respect for the constitutional principle of separation between religion and government."

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The Second Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Newdow's hypothesis, arguing that "In God We Trust" is unrelated to religion.

"In God We Trust" does "not have a religious purpose or advance religion, nor does [it] place a substantial burden on appellants' religious practices," the court said. "[money] is fungible and not publicly displayed, [it] does not implicate concerns that its bearer will be forced to proclaim a viewpoint contrary to his own."

Newdow, however, isn't giving up. "I plan to keep trying in the remaining six circuits until we find some federal appellate judges who believe in the principles that underlie our Constitution," she said.

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