Apple, Samsung Combined For About 75 Percent Of Q1 Smartphone Shipments



Apple's stronghold on smartphone sales helped push smartphones to an 87 percent market share in the U.S, according to Counterpoint Research (via SlashGear).

According to the report, the Cupertino-based tech giant secured 36.9 percent of all smartphone sales for the first quarter of 2014, outpacing the competition on three of the four major U.S. carriers. Samsung, with its assortment of non-smartphones, was the top handset provider.

However, the rivals' Q1 performances are even more impressive when combined and compared against the rest of the smartphone-makers, comprising of 70 percent of LTE shipments, which SlashGear notes is the equivalent of 75 percent of all smartphone shipments.

As for the carrier breakdown, Apple was only outsold on T-Mobile, where Samsung held down the top spot with 38 percent of sales. On AT&T and Verizon the iPhone accounted for half of all smartphone sales, while Sprint's iPhone sales came in at 36 percent.

A recent teardown showed Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, is nearly $50 more expensive to build than Apple's flagship iPhone 5S.

Analyst IHS Technology has discovered the 32GB version of the new Samsung flagship to cost $256 to build, making it significantly more expensive than other high-end smartphones, including Apple's iPhone 5S.

In comparison, the 5S is about $50 cheaper to build than the S5, which is also pricier to put together than its predecessors, the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, which cost $205 and $236 to build, respectively. Cheap Android devices ZTE U793 and K-Touch T619+, meanwhile, cost under $35 to build, according to IHS.

The build total, however, does not include account software, licensing, royalty payments, or additional expenditures, which can raise it even more, ZDNet reports.

Did you purchase a smartphone in Q1? Where do you stand on the Apple vs. Samsung rivalry? Let us in on your thinking with a relevant comment.


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