The World's Best Eco-Resorts

  • Mar, 22, 2012, 02:35 PM
Finca Rosa Blana Coffee Plantation & Inn
(Photo : International Business Times) A coffee plantation located in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica, Finca Rosa Blana Coffee Plantation & Inn is a sustainable boutique hotel experience. The Inn itself is home to 13 exclusive suites that are within easy walking distance to the misty cloud forests and volcanoes that surround the organic coffee plantation. Since its owner and operator Glenn Jampol was elected to the Board or Directors of the International Ecotourism Society, the credentials of the resort have rated among the highest for sustainable tourism throughout the world.
The Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands
(Photo : International Business Times) The Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands, located in the South Pacific, sits on 17 acres of coconut plantation. Perfect for romance, honeymoons and family vacations, the resort does an amazing job of combining relaxation with a wide range of eco-friendly activities such as yoga, snorkeling and local rainforest hikes. TripAdvisor recently voted The Jean-Michel Cousteau number one on the World’s Top Eco-Resorts list.
Eco Beach Resort
(Photo : International Business Times) As spacious as it is green, the Eco Beach resort in Broome, Australia offers the opportunity to stay in one of several exclusive eco-villas. Designed with privacy, space and total comfort in mind, each villa contains the latest environmental design features such as solar power energy, efficient LED lights, bamboo floor boards, and composite eco decking. The resort also offers daily complimentary Yoga set against a stunning ocean backdrop. A multi-award-winning eco-resort, every aspect of Eco Beach is at the forefront of green technology.
Tenuta di Spannocchia
(Photo : International Business Times) Set on a Tuscan farm in Siena, Italy, Tenuta di Spannocchia allows you to enjoy the experience of the Italian countryside firsthand. With hiking paths, farm animals, verdant gardens, cooking classes, and beautiful vistas, the award-winning Spannocchia creates a comfortable community environment enriched with ecological and cultural history. What makes it even more ideal is its close proximity to tourism destinations including Florence, Siena, Chianti and the Tuscan coastline. Voted one of Travel & Leisure’s favorite green hotels, Spannocchia is definitely a most unique destination.
Concordia Eco-Resort
(Photo : International Business Times) Since 1993, Concordia Eco-Resort has offered eco-friendly accommodations that give visitors an intimate connection with the outdoor environment. Located in St. John, USVI, the resort holds several eco-tents that overlook the Caribbean Sea and are cooled by continuous trade winds. With easy access to the US Virgin Islands National Park, a freshwater pool, and an open air pavilion with spectacular views, the resort has everything you need to enjoy your vacation while being eco-friendly.
Warming Tropical Waters May Be Behind Icy US Winter
(Photo : International Business Times) Rising ocean temperatures could be causing changes in the winter weather system.
Amazon Yarapa Lodge
(Photo : International Business Times) Located on a remote tributary of the Amazon River in the country of Peru is the Amazon Yarapa River Lodge. Close to local tribes, the lodge is dedicated to preserving its surrounding rainforest and keeping everything intact. By using earth-friendly resources, the lodge helps protect a complex ecosystem like no other. Guests have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of activities including guided hikes, wildlife viewing boat rides, piranha fishing, and genuine amazon canoe rides. Check out this eco-resort for an amazing voyage into the amazon!
Desa Seni - A Village Resort
(Photo : International Business Times) One of the most visually attractive eco-resorts, Desa Seni is an eco-friendly village resort in Bali that provides an authentic Indonesian experience through the exploration of culture, art, yoga, organic farming, and complete wellness. With its antique wooden homes, Seni offers unique accommodations that have been refurbished and restored to offer modern comfort. Only 25 minutes from Bali’s capital city of Denpasar, Desa Seni, which means “Art Village,” plays a key role in the local economy with community service programs that offer yoga to local residents. Now that is true sustainability!
Hotel Mocking Bird Hill
(Photo : International Business Times) One of the more chic hideaways on this list, Jamaica’s Hotel Mocking Bird Hill is a romantic destination nestled within six and a half acres of lush organic tropical gardens. Located on a hillside right outside the capital of the parish of Portland, Port Antonio, it offers guests the eco-friendly experience as well as a luxurious boutique vacation. One of the leading eco-tourist resorts in Jamaica, the owners and operators of the Hotel Mockingbird Hill are totally committed to the highest level of environmental management.
Tofino Botanical Gardens
(Photo : International Business Times) Tofino Botanical gardens is an eco-resort that is constantly developing its features. Located in British Columbia, they specialize in energy efficiency, protecting the natural environment, conservation of natural resources, and support of their local community - all of course while accommodating their guests. Since its founding in 1997, owner and operator George Patterson has been an active force in the community by getting involved in efforts to encourage research and educational activities that take place at the resort and around the village.

You might not know it, but some of the world's most beautiful hotels are the world's best eco-resorts. With nearly every industry joining the "Go Green" movement, eco-resorts have developed into destinations that cater to not only eco-tourists, but all types of vacationers.

From the Fiji Islands to Costa Rica, Australia and Italy, the world's best eco-resorts are designed to be energy efficient, conserve their natural resources, and respect and benefit their local culture and economy.

By promoting outdoor recreation native to the environment, offering organically produced food and drink, and curbing greenhouse gases that impact the environment, these eco-resorts are finding ways to provide a luxurious vacation service while leaving little to no carbon footprint. But saving the earth doesn't have to mean sacrificing modern comforts, as you will see when you visit one of these exclusive destinations.

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