Jon 'Don Draper' Hamm Cried When He Watched 'Frozen' [VIDEO]

  • Brian Josephs , Design & Trend Contributor
  • Apr, 18, 2014, 06:05 AM
Jon Hamm
(Photo : HitFix) The man also known as Don Draper has shed some tears thanks to Disney's hit.

Jon Hamm plays the self-assured Don Draper on "Mad Men." The character is known for his undeterred demeanor on the surface. Hamm, on the other hand, loves a good laugh and will cry if a movie moves him.

Disney's "Frozen" is that movie. A HitFix interviewer asked Hamm what movie he was surprised he cried during, and he almost immediately responded with the hit animated film.

Hamm specifically notes the scene where the main character gets turned to ice to save her sister as the main tearjerker. He does have an excuse for why he cried, however.

"I was on a plane, though," Hamm says. "Everything is heightened on a plane."

Disney has a habit of making animated films that invoke such reactions from adults. Perhaps the most famous example is "Up," which features a heartbreaking opening sequence that features love, death and unfulfilled dreams.

"Frozen" has become a national hit for Disney. It stands as the highest-grossing animated film of all-time with $1.1 billion in revenue worldwide. A big part of its success is "Let It Go," which won the Oscar for Best Original Song and became the first Disney song to break the Billboard Top 10.

Hamm was speaking to HitFix to promote his starring role in Disney's "Million Dollar Arm," a sports drama that follows a sports agent adventures with potential Indian Major League Baseball pitchers. He talked about one sports figure he wouldn't mind playing.

"I'm an unabashed St. Louis Cardinals fan," Hamm says. "We have kind of the best baseball player in the world in our organization. It's Stan Musial, who's just recently passed away. The more you learn about Stan Musial, the more you realize that he's kind of the greatest person in the world."

Hamm still plays the now-struggling Don Draper on "Mad Men," which is currently airing its seventh season.

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