Kanye West Makes Plea Deal on Photography Assault Case

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  • Mar, 18, 2014, 10:50 AM
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Kanye West
(Photo : REUTERS/Carlo Allegr/Files ) Rap artist Kanye West attends Fashion Week in New York in this September 7, 2013 file photo. West has been charged with battery and attempted grand theft for an alleged altercation with a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport, a city official said September 13, 2013.

Kanye West has settled the case involving the July incident where he assaulted photographer Daniel Ramos at the LAX airport. He's not getting off free though.

West pleaded no contest in the case, a special plea in which he maintains his innocence. However, he did get tagged with 24 months of informal probation, 250 hours of community service, and 24 anger management therapy sessions in exchange for case dismissal. West has been ordered to pay for damages to the attacked photographer's camera and any medical bills resulting from the incident.

The defendant didn't comment on the decision, but the photographer expressed his displeasure at it. He thought West should've went to jail and used the assault to promote "Yeezus," which hit retail a month prior.

West was leaving the LAX airport and entering his car when he was swarmed by a crowd of paparazzi. He warned them to stop pestering him, but when they persisted, he wrestled Ramos to the ground before driving off. Prosecutors decided not to hit him with felony charges.

Legal issues hit West again last January when an 18-year-old shouted a racial slur while confronting Kim Kardashian in a Beverly Hills medical building. Karadashian called West to tell him what happened, which prompted the rapper to come to the place and assault the young adult. West avoided court by giving the victim more than $250,000 in a settlement.

West's recent months haven't only been about dealing with legal issues. He finished The Yeezus Tour in late February and grossed approximately $26,254,708. West is working on a "Yeezus" film directed by famed music video director Hype WIlliams.

Kardashian and West are getting ready for their wedding set for May 24. What's been getting attention is if Beyonce and Jay Z will come or not.

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