Michael Jackson's Singer Son? DNA Test May Prove King Of Pop Father Of Rising Artist Brandon Jackson

  • Peter Black , Design & Trend Staff Writer
  • Mar, 06, 2014, 02:41 PM
brandon jackson
(Photo : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_H1U1rnwv4) Pictured: Brandon Howard, the 'reincarnation of Michael Jackson.'

A DNA test may prove that rising pop star Brandon Howard is Michael Jackson's son.

Howard, 31, agreed to take a DNA test after it was determined that his mother "met" Michael Jackson in 1982, roughly a year before Howard was born.

When Jackson's estate lawyer was contacted about the claim, he told TMZ that "we've never even heard from him" and that "any deadline for claiming to be Michael's child has long since passed."

Which is unfortunate for Howard if the DNA test proves true, as it is estimated that Jackson's estate is worth approximately $7 billion. Jackson makes more now than he ever did when he was alive, earning upwards up $160 million a year from posthumous albums and merchandise.

Howard, however, claimed that he has no interest in Jackson's money. He also said that he never argued that he was Jackson's son.

"To this day, I have never claimed to be Michael Jackson's son nor do I have any intention of pursuing the family's estate," Howard said.

Howard is gaining traction in the pop/hip-hop scene. He has worked with "Ne-yo, Chris Brown, Missy Elliot, Lupe Fiasco and Vanessa Hudgens," The Mail reported.

The young artist also has record deals with Universal Music and 6 Point Entertainment.

When asked about his similarities to Jackson, Howard said that: "Who hasn't been inspired by Michael and the Jackson brothers? I just do what's naturally in my heart, and that's what comes out. I'm doing me. Most of the people out now, even my good friend Ne-Yo, he's come out with the sequined jacket and everything. For me, it's more of I'm doing me. ...I'm just me. I'm Brandon."

Howard said that he was asked for a sample of his DNA by a group of documentary filmmakers, but had no idea that they would attempt to match it with Jackson's.

The results of the test will be announced by FilmOn.com later today.

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