'Ant-Man' Secures Composer Steven Price of 'Gravity' Fame, Cinematographer Bill Pope

  • Michael Briggs , Design & Trend Staff Writer
  • Feb, 17, 2014, 08:53 PM

Edgar Wright has enlisted the services of Gravity composer Steven Price for the Ant-Man score, the director recently announced via Twitter.

"Huge congrats to @SteveBPrice for his Bafta Award for the 'Gravity' score," Wright tweeted. "I guess I should drop the news that he is scoring 'Ant-Man'."

Price scored Wright's last film, The World's End, as well as Attack The Block, which was produced by Wright and directed by Ant-Man co-writer Joe Cornish.

Cinematographer Bill Pope has also been added to Ant-Man, with The World's End and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World among his previous collaborations with Wright. Pope also filled the cinematographer role for all three Matrix movies and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 films.

Clearly, Wright likes to stick with what he know's best, but you can't blame him considering the quality Price and Pope bring to production.

Marvel is also taking a strong look at Evangeline Lilly for the film's female lead, according to Variety.

While the report is not clear on which role Lilly would play, Cinema Blend notes that it likely means the former Lost star would play Janet Van Dyne, a.k.a The Wasp. However, with the older Michael Douglas pegged as Hank Pym—who is the Wasp's husband in the comics—it is possible that Lilly would play Pym's daughter and Scott Lang's (played by Paul Rudd) love interest, Variety reports. While Pym does not have a daughter in the comics, it's certainly possible that Marvel could change things for the big screen.

Like Rudd's Ant-Man, the Wasp can shrink herself to bug-size. She also features the ability to fly and and shoot bio-electric energy blasts from her hands.

Olivia Munn, Eva Longoria, and Rashida Jones were also previously rumored for the part.

Marvel and Disney announced a couple weeks ago that have decided to bring the Ant-Man movie to the box office two weeks earlier than previously scheduled. The film will now open July 17, 2015 and compete will Warner Bros.' blockbuster Peter Pan movie, entitled Pan, which stars Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund. The film's debut is scheduled to come after the sequel to Avengers: Age of Ultron, meaning Rudd will not be teaming up with the Avengers team.

Ant-Man's new opening date was previously held by Warner Bros.' Batman vs. Superman sequel to Man of Steel, which was recently moved back 10 months to May 6, 2016, a date that is also scheduled to feature an unnamed Marvel film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Mid-July is widely regarded as prime-time for the film industry, with blockbusters arriving with a few weeks to spare before the slower, late summer days at the movies begin.

Paul Rudd has taken on the Ant-Man role after Joseph Gordon-Levitt decided to turn his attention to Sandman, according to the The Wrap.

Rudd's character is a scientist who creates a substance that changes his size and gives him the ability to communicate with insects. Ant-Man and his wife, The Wasp, were original members of The Avengers in 1963. Gordon-Levitt and Rudd were considered the front-runners for the role since October and it is believed Rudd has recently been slimming down to get into shape for the role. A casting call leaked last month also hints that the film will be "fairly heavy on the comedy," according to Cinema Blend, which is ideal for the 44-year-old actor. As Vanity Fair notes, director Edgar Wright "excels at creating unlikely bad-asses," with Michael Cera serving as a good example for his role in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Speaking on his influence on the film, Wright said that he was eager to get started.

"I think there will be some elements of my previous movies in there, and I think that's why Marvel wanted me to do it in the first place," he stated. "I don't think they hired me to do something completely anonymous. So it's fun - it's got lots of new elements. I'm excited about it."

The superhero movie will be produced by Kevin Feige and was penned by Wright and Joe Cornish. The two also collaborated on the screenplay for The Adventures Of Tintin.

Ant-Man is also reportedly considering Michael Pena for an unspecified role.

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