Sriracha Aged In Whiskey Barrels: Kickstarter Company Sosu's Recipe Amplifies Hot Sauce's Flavor

  • Peter Black , Design & Trend Staff Writer
  • Feb, 04, 2014, 04:08 PM
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(Photo : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhyjp4WTr7Y - Sosu sauces) Sosu Whiskey Barrel Aged Sriracha

A company on Kickstarter doesn't think that Sriracha is potent enough, so they've come up with a way to maximize the hot sauce's flavor: age it in whisky barrels.

The kickstarter campaign was started by San Francisco based company Sosu. They are calling their new product... Sosu Barrel Aged Sriracha.

The company has made Sriracha based sauces in the past that were met with critical acclaim. Last year, they released Srirachup ("a perfect marriage of our house-blend sriracha," their website says), which was a Good Food Award Finalist and named one of the Best Local Gems of San Francisco.

The company said that it ages the sauce between one and three months, and adds nothing but "chili peppers, brown sugar, garlic, and salt."

Sosu's Chief Sauce Maker, Lisa, said that the results after one month were amazing.

"When we tasted the first batch of our Barrel-Aged Sriracha, we knew we were onto something big," she said. "The flavors are spicy, fruity, and had a lingering smokiness from the oak barrels. It is Sriracha, but one that we've never tasted quite like this before."

Sosu is also releasing limited edition Sriracha that is aged for three months. This version is apparently much stronger and smokier.

"We normally age our sriracha for one month in order to preserve the bright, fruity flavor of the peppers," Lisa said. "But we are releasing a limited-edition Barrel-Aged Sriracha aged for 3 month exclusively for our Kickstarter supporters. This additional time in the whiskey barrels brings out a sweeter, more robust, and smokier flavors of the oak barrels to create a balance in the spiciness."

So far the kickstarter campaign's goal was to raise $20,000, but they've received over $35,000. More than 730 people have pledged to give at least $1, according to UPI.

And, if you donate "$7,500 or more, Sosu would 'craft your own barrel of sriracha to your specifications (spicy level, aging) with a customized label to celebrate your release or any special occasion.'" 

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