Girl Survives 3,500 Foot Free Fall, Parachute Doesn't Open When Skydiving On 16th Birthday In Oklahoma

  • Peter Black , Design & Trend Staff Writer
  • Jan, 28, 2014, 05:25 PM
(Photo : Reuters - Jamal Saidi ) Texas Teenager In Critical Condition After Parachute Doesn't Open While Skydiving

A Texas teenager somehow survived a 3,500 foot freefall, and is now in intensive care.

In celebration of her 16th birthday, Makenzie Wethington traveled to Oklahoma to go skydiving.

She was allowed by the skydiving company to make the jump alone, which is highly unusual for rookie divers. They are usually strapped to an instructor.

When she jumped, the unthinkable happened: her parachute didn't open.

After falling 3,500 feet, the unbelievable happened: she lived.

The skydiving company refused to be held responsible for the accident, UPI reported. 

"We go through those scenarios and tell the jumper how to control, how to fix the problem," said Pegasus Air Sports Center owner Bob Swainson. "From what we can determine, she did not do that, go through that training as taught. There was nothing wrong with the parachute... And there's nothing you can say to the parents, the family because you know they're certainly upset. There's nothing I can say to the parents, the family that they'll probably understand, that will make them feel better."

Wethington is currently in a North Texas hospital with serious injuries. Her back and pelvis are broken and there is bleeding in her brain.

Students at Josua High School, where Wethington is a sophomore, made a Facebook page and t-shirts to support their injured classmate, CBS DFW reported.

"The whole community is coming together in such a great way and supporting her with all of our hearts and we just want her to keep fighting because we believe in her," a friend said.

Another friend, Danielle, said that, "I think it's an absolute miracle from her accident, I mean God obviously held out his hand and caught her."

Makenzie's sister, Meagan Wethington, was similarly amazed.

"The whole thing that's keeping us going is because she's still alive and really she shouldn't be," she said. "And now she's breathing on her own. It's spectacular."

Although Wethington's injuries are serious, she is expected to make a full recovery. 

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