Global Warming Hoax Getting Bigger? Facts vs Theory Continues, Controversy Leaves Americans Doubting, UN Warns Delayed Action Against Effects

Global Warming
(Photo : Reuters/David Gray) Is climate change really inevitable?

Is global warming just a hoax? Many Americans still feel that it is and now is taking the issue less seriously than ever, but the UN warns that delayed action against global warming could be really harmful.

According to the Daily Mail, a new study by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication revealed that the number of Americans that believe global warming isn't happening has risen to 23 percent, up 7 percentage points since April 2013.

The study was conducted in November 2013. It also found that 63 percent of Americans do believe in climate change, and 53 percent are "somewhat" or "very" worried about the consequences.

"The great majority of climate scientists have concluded that global warming is happening, mostly human caused and, if left unchecked, will have serious consequences for human societies and the natural world," the report's authors said. "'Yet, over the years, there has been considerable confusion within the American public about the level of scientific agreement on the subject."

Two in three Americans believe that global warming is happening, but it still doesn't change the fact that more people now believe that it's NOT happening.

And according to the Inquisitr, many Americans believe that the global warming issue is just a hoax.

Even if global warming is really happening, the study found that Americans believe that global warming is not their problem.

According to a recent draft report by U.N. experts, this type of thinking could be catastrophic.

Experts revealed that global warming will continue to increase unless countries shift quickly to clean energy and cut emissions, the Associated Press said.

Many scientists and researchers strongly believe that man-made emissions and greenhouse gases are the real and biggest cause for global warming.

The draft report said that two main drivers for the increase in emissions are economic growth, which has risen sharply, and population growth, which has remained steady.

But the largest contributor is the burning of oil and coal, and the contribution is expected to rise.

Unless "explicit efforts" are made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the experts warned that increased conservation and efficiency would not be sufficient to counter their rise, AP reported.

"Scientists say that target requires atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, to stay below 530 parts per million. The level surpassed 400 parts per million briefly in the spring, but annually it is still barely below 400," AP said. "The report said the majority of scenarios to stay below 530 parts per million throughout the 21st century would require a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions between 40 percent and 70 percent of 2010 levels by 2050."

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