Still Looking for a Job in 2014? LinkedIn May Just Help You Get One [DETAILS]

  • Richard Conte , Design & Trend Contributor
  • Jan, 13, 2014, 05:12 PM

If you're looking for a job, LinkedIn may be your best tool to find one, according to the Star Ledger

With the internet making it easier for recruiters to find job candidates, LinkedIn has become one of the first places recruiters look now. This makes LinkedIn practically essential if someone is looking for a employment.

That is why many colleges are teaching their students to make a LinkedIn account while they are in school so that they can build connections.

An example of this at Colgate University, where they hold a day for students to meet alumni on campus. The goal is for students to add the alumni on LinkedIn after.

Matt Hames, the manager of media communications at Colgate University, said that the program ends up working. 

"Students come to Colgate using Facebook 90 percent, and LinkedIn 10 percent, of the time. By senior year, the equation flips," he said.

If you are still searching for a job, there ar also some tips for you to use on LinkedIn to get better exposure. One way is to search out fellow alumni and also joining professional groups on the site where you can converse with people that have similar occupational goals.

Samantha Feldman, senior program manager/talent acquisition at AOL, said you should make sure your profile can be easily found by using buzzwords or other industry specific terms."This allows you to show up in search results as recruiters and hiring manager look for talent," she said.

When it comes to recommendations you should ask a variety of people and ask them to point out something particular or unique that they've found from you.

This can also help you out if a company refuses to let a former manager give you a recommendation, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. It may even help you get another job if you were given a good recommendation on LinkedIn after being fired for something else.

Has LinkedIn helped you during a job search? Sound off below.

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