Mercedes-Benz is Using QR Codes to Help First Responders

A Daimler QR code
(Photo : Daimler) In future a QR code, which can be read by smartphones and tablets, placed on Mercedes-Benz cars, will provide a rescue map for every vehicle type, which can be shown on the device's display.

Mercedes-Benz is using QR codes to aid first responders in helping the brand's drivers. 

In the event of an accident, responders will be able to scan the code with a smartphone or tablet and obtain vehicle information — something firefighters, police officers and emergency medical professionals all find useful, according to Daimler.

A wealth of information, including wear to use rescue shears, will be available "within seconds" via a digital rescue sheet.

"The rescue sheet, specific for each vehicle type, also informs about the location of the airbags, the battery, the tanks, electric cables, high-pressure cylinders and other components - in the case of hybrid models the location of the additional batteries and high-voltage cables, too. This information can save lives, because in an emergency every action counts and every second is precious," according to the company website. 

Owners of recent models won't be the only ones potentially benefiting from them either, according to Motor Authority.

Daimler said all Mercedes and Smart car models from 1990 through 2013 can be outfitted with the codes, free of charge in some cases, at their respective dealerships. Models of 2013 or later already have the codes, according to Motor Authority. 

The QR squares are located behind the fuel flap and on each vehicle's B-pillar — the support between the front and rear door windows of an automobile.

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