EyeLock Plans to Bring Eye Scanning to Device to Consumers in 2014

EyeLock Myris
(Photo : YouTube screen capture) EyeLock, a company that develops iris scanners for security purposes, is presenting a consumer service device called Myris at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. The scanner tests 240 points of the iris in comparison to a fingerprint scanner, which tests only 20 points. The likelihood of a false identification is 1-in-2-trillion, according to the company.

EyeLock is presenting a game changer this week at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The company plans to present Myris, an USB powered Iris Identity Authenticator that provides "1-in-2-trillion security" and is easy as looking in a mirror, according to their website.

The Myris scanner takes video of the iris — an identification method second only to DNA testing, according to the company — at 20 frames per second. Those frames capture 240 points on each iris and generate a unique 2048-bit digital signature. By comparison, a fingerprint scanner has 20 points of reference. A photo or video of the eye will not register and allow access.

The scanning device connects to any USB port and launches an application on the desktop of a computer. There, users register their identity, other applications and passwords that would require iris verification.

Aside from personal banking, social media and other personal uses for the technology, EyeLock has plans to further extend its already large scale use into consumer good with Myris. In the last two years, Eyelock has processed over 3 million transactions with government and financial services, border control and security.

The Apple iPhone 5S released last year has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor to improve security. There's no sign so far that smaller devices, like a cell phone, will have the capabilities of Myris.

Here's a video of Mashable's Pete Pachal getting a tour of EyeLock's facility and testing some of its other iris scanning security features.

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