Tech & Science

Vision Problems In Astronauts Could Set Back NASA's Planned Mission To Mars

Vision loss among astronauts, due to spaceflight, could be a major hurdle to the planned mission to the Red Planet.

Sony Reveals PS3 Bundle For Spider-Man [DETAILS]

Sony announced on Friday that North American PlayStation 3 owners will be able purchase a bundle will include both a copy of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" video game and "The Amazing Spider-Man" film on Vudu.

NASA's Robotic Explorer Crashes Into The Dark Side Of The Moon

NASA confirmed that LADEE crashed into the far side of the moon Friday as planned.

Green & Travel

Specimen Collection Is Putting Endangered Species At Risk, Researchers Say

Researchers suggest technology should be used to identify species - rather than specimen collection, which is putting endangered species at risk.

Apple Buys Hydroelectric Plant In Oregon, Maintaining Goal To Power Every Facility With Renewable Energy

Apple has purchased a hydroelectric power plant in Oregon, continuing its commitment to using entirely renewable energy.