Tech & Science

Mars Rover Curiosity Photographed By Orbiter Reconnaissance

The two Mars inhabiting robots shared a moment of serendipity last week, when the orbiter captured a pic of the Mars rover at work.

HTC One M8 Q2 Shipments Expected To Be Between 3 Million And 5 Million Units

The figures indicate the One M8 doesn't appear to be giving the Galaxy S5 a run for its money.

Chimps' Better Quality of Sleep May Have Led to Evolution

According to a study, chimpanzees choose tree branches to sleep in because it is the most firm and stable place available for rest.

Green & Travel

These Videos Of Yosemite National Park Are Nothing Short Of Incredible [Video]

The time-lapse segment of the stars is awe-inspiring.

Air Pollution From Asia Could Be Causing Wild Winter Weather In North America, Research Shows

Air pollution from Asia's rapidly developing economies could be affecting global weather patterns.

Fish Are Losing Their Survival Instincts Due To Ocean Pollution

Fish are starting to find the smell of predators attractive, instead of treating it as a sign of danger, research shows.