Tech & Science

Researchers Testing Laser Beam Which Could Stimulate Rain And Lightning

Researchers are testing a new high-beam laser, which could stimulate rain and lightning - and possibly aid drought-stricken areas.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Leads To Changes In Smell and Taste, Says Study

Researchers have suggested this could lead patients to lose even more weight.

WhatsApp VoLTE To Present Significant Challenge To Networks

Facebook-owned WhatsApp could be a real game-changer, according to a new report.

Green & Travel

Specimen Collection Is Putting Endangered Species At Risk, Researchers Say

Researchers suggest technology should be used to identify species - rather than specimen collection, which is putting endangered species at risk.

Apple Buys Hydroelectric Plant In Oregon, Maintaining Goal To Power Every Facility With Renewable Energy

Apple has purchased a hydroelectric power plant in Oregon, continuing its commitment to using entirely renewable energy.